Make 16 bitcoin


Make 16 Bitcoin

It sounds like a scam, and believe me, I have been caught by more than I would care to admit.

The website looks like a scam, but this style of advertising has worked for the program owner in the past.

All I can tell you is that I have had dealings with the owner of this program for over 5 years and he has always been honest, and his support has been superb.

So Whats it all about?

16 Bitcoin

The plan works like a traffic generator, when you join and pay your money, you are given a replicated site with your id at the number 6 position.   You then promote your site, and as people join under you, they are added to the bottom of the list, and so your id moves up.

As anyone joins you receive  BTC .001 as do the other 5 IDS on the list the other BTC.001 goes to the owner of the program as profit and overhead

Visit the site Now at  and read it through, follow the links and see who has joined. (You will find me at position 4)